I’m George Mcfly

I’m George Mcfly.   The moment I realised this was the moment I knew something had to change.   There was not going to be a flux capacitor, no time machine, no means of going back and my kids weren’t going to save me.  The time I had wasted was gone and the value of the time I have left is rising inexorably.

As many of you will know, in the Back to the Future trilogy, George Mcfly is the the father of Marty Mcfly.  George is a man paralysed by his own fears and inhibitions,  afraid to take even the smallest of risks or stand up for himself, he lives an uninspired fearful existence.  Fortunately for him, his son befriends an eccentric scientist who invents a time machine that enables them to travel back in time and ultimately create an alternative timeline for George that sees him pursue his dreams and live a a happy existence.

Like I said, on the balance of probability, I considered the possibility of my kids coming to rescue me in a time machine to be lower down the scale. So that left me with no choice – Action.

I had long had dreams of being a creative in some way but I was unclear on exactly what I wanted to do and was terrified of being found to be inadequate or not up to the job. I papered over these fears by disguising them with practical reasons not to do act.

Until Back to the Future appeared on my television and I saw George Mcfly looking back at me and recognised him as a cinematic reflection. What action did I take?

I started with a massive dose of honesty, then started building a bridge to a new life. I was not interested in a leap of faith, I wanted something more practical. Change would therefore not come as quickly as I might have liked but I had started and the wheels were in motion. Most people don’t even get that far. Just starting feels like a triumph and I can’t help but wonder how far I can actually go. Where will the road take me?