No Excuses and I’m Continuing on my New Path

It’s been nearly four months since my last post and I probably have a million excuses as to why that is.   I’m not going to go there however.  The only thing I will say is that my career change is going ahead and I believe that these posts are critical to my success as a way of processing my experiences and making sense of everything.  I am also highly motivated by the prospect of being helpful to people going through the same thing.

I therefore make the commitment to post one article every fortnight to this blog   I also commit to the content being meaningful in some way.

Until next time I’ ll carry on that path.

2 thoughts on “No Excuses and I’m Continuing on my New Path

  1. Hi, see you encouraged me right now. It’s been 4 months for me since my last post on my blog and I have been wanting to get back to it…. Life keeps moving and we have to remain flexible. However, I agree with you wholeheartedly that sharing your heart in a post can help propel you forward. It’s definitely a part of who I am becoming and an integral piece of the puzzle. Thanks for reminding me!


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