Breaking the Age Barrier

Its been a tough week.   Self doubt has enveloped me on several occasions, leaving me convinced that I cannot be successful in my career change ambitions.  I have found myself thinking – “I wish I was 25 again”, “how can I have the audacity to think that I can compete with people younger than me?”. 

As these thoughts rattle, destructively through my brain, I am immediately convinced of the need to abort my plans.  That voice in my head is so pursuasive, so utterly convincing that I cannot mount the counter argument.  I am subservient to the superiority of its thesis.  

Then I pause,  walk away from myself, because I know my feelings will change.  

Thankfully, it doesn’t take too long.  And the catalyst?  This weekends Wimbledon singles finals.  A 37 year old in Venus Williams and a 35 year old Roger Federer.  In the context of professional sport they are well into their twilight, yet there they are at the peak of their sport.  What could be greater inspiration than that?  

I’m back on track.


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