Why write a blog Called Career Change at 40 and Beyond?

I’m going to change me career at 40 years of age.



I can’t disclose my name at the moment, but you can call me J, and I’m going to change me career at 40 years of age.

I can’t give you my name because not everybody knows about the change I’m making yet, except for the people closest to me.  This nerve-wracking but very exciting change will officially happen a few weeks after my 40th birthday.

Where does this blog fit into that process?  From a personal point of view, I would like it to form a record of my experiences; a way to reinforce the things that I am learning so that I can benefit most from my successes and failures.

More generally, my ultimate goal is that this blog acts as a resources for anybody that is either looking to make a career change at 40 and beyond or is in the process of making a career change.   My hope is that it will be full of contributions and insights from people having these experiences both positive and negative so that we can plan the change in our careers with as much objective information as possible.

So please join me on this adventure by checking up on my posts and commenting.

For my next post I will be giving you a bit of background and explaining how reached the decision to change my career at 40 and beyond.



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